1 thought on “Lyn Watts Bexhill’s Brighter Brunch

  1. Well done on a very interesting and well researched report on Northeye. We all hear about it having been a prison and a UAE Centre for students but little is said about RAF Wartling. My uncle, who worked on radar, was stationed at Wartling when I first arrived in Bexhill as a child
    Moving on to today’s march (in protest of the latest government plans for Northeye) from Little Common to the De La Warr Pavilion, I was shocked by the predominantly older age group of participants. It would seem that younger members of the public are either not interested or do not feel concerned by such matters. To reinforce this, I was speaking very recently to a young intelligent professional lady who confided that the majority of her friends don’t bother to vote. Given the struggle that women have had in order to be able to obtain the right to vote, I find this to be extremely disappointing.
    Is this just apathy on the part of our young or are they just fed up with a predominantly two party system where we tend to vote against a party rather than for one. When you have a choice between the Plague and Cholera it’s really not very inspiring.
    A case for Proportional Representation to stimulate all the electorate?

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