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Please find above the login details to our secondary server where you can record live shows on the fly for future use or simply to practice your live skills. To use this facility you will need a broadcaster of which I recommend two. Firstly BUTT Broadcaster which you can download HERE or Rocket Broadcaster which is available HERE Help and support for both broadcasters is available in WhatsApp if needed.

A few ‘RULES’

Please advise the other presenters of your attention to use the facility. This will avoid multiple people trying to log on at the same time. Similarly, please advise when you have finished.

Please advise me if the show is for future airing. Any ‘practice runs’ will be deleted within 48 hours to free up server space.

You can invite listeners to tune in by visiting although please bear in mind that you will be drawing away potential listeners from the main stream.

I have activated ‘voice-over pro’ but in my opinion a packet of frozen Beefburgers from Iceland is better quality.

You can also stream live to Social Media but please be advised that most platforms will close down the stream and serve you with a ban.


If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask.